Year of the Covid-19,  June 8 th, 2020

Hello hope everbody's is safe and well. I would like to remind my friends, family and present and future clients that I"m still in the real estate field. And started selling Dorval real estate on Dorval ave, in January 1990. If you want to work with an experience chartered realtor, I'm ready to re-start helping in buying or selling.

We started this spring 2020 with a great wake up call.

I started my own Local Real Estate Agency in 2008, our focus was on making greener investments so we could pay off our properties quicker. In the New World since Covid-19 the World will have to make some wise changes and adapt to this new situation. The International Monetary Fund has released its World Economic Outlook for 2020-2021.

The IMF report is a guide, which is like reading any company financial statement starting with the previous year ie. 2019 present year 2020 and future year 2021. Their forecast for 2020 is in the range of negative -6.1 for the USA and -6.2 for Canada. What this means is a negative growth for the next two years. We will have to start rethinking many things including how we shop and how to socialize in our NEW WORLD.

A good start will be shopping locally with local food producers and being more self-sufficient, great year to start a garden and  working on reducing our carbon-footprint. I would hope with the last few months in self-quarantine, which our family and I have practiced we all have learned to be a little more self-sufficient.

I want to assure  that your residential real estate investment is still a safe investment over the long run. Inventories are still at records lows as per the month of June.As per the commercial and large multi buildings. We must be more reserved due the the fact that a tenant is a client and if  a client can't pay his  or her rent then we may have a negative investment,  but this will be short lived till the world economies resume.

Personally myself during my quarantine I have taken many on-line courses, if anybody needs to have a one on one meeting, I'm available by virtual tele conference, just drop in an email or call and we can set it up.

Yes , changing world again. I personally have seen three real estate and stock market cycles from the days of high and low interest rates and the effects on real estate prices. This is a very much different cycle since its a global health pandemic.  But, all we know is with time, it will resolve itself.

Yes, a changing world! But I have been blessed to work in this industry helping my clients find and sell their dream homes for 30 years.

Yes January 1990 till now Its our 30 anniversary! We understand changing times including financial markets.

We are a full service agency, Greater Montreal Board member, MLS member, LBA member, OACIQ permit holder.

If anybody needs to sell or buy or to review their present or future mortgages it will be my pleasure to be of assistance.

We are adapting to be at your service for another 20 years.

I'm always grateful to assist you in your Real Estate investments, finding the right property at the right price. The market is always changing, hence the importance of having a professional  realtor to assist them. Thank you for your support and hope to speak with you in the near future.

Mario Mammone, DA Mammone Real Estate Agency