Mario Mammone Real Estate and Auction Agency (Mammone Agence Immobilière) is known for its innovation and green edge, and continues to lead the Real Estate industry by formulating new techniques in the auction method of marketing real estate. Our marketing methods are geared towards sales for condo auctions (retail and bulk condos), residential home auctions including luxury homes, commercial / industrial auctions, bankruptcy auctions, online auctions, and live auction events which incorporate real time internet bidding.


The surname Mammone was first found in Assisi of Umbria, St Francis was the notable who died there in 1226. The Franciscans Monastery was completed in 1253. Assisi was also the birthplace of the Roman poet Propertius. The town is built over the temple of Minerva. In those ancient times only persons of rank, the pedestal, clergy, city officials, army officers, artists, landowners were entered into the records.  To be recorded at this time of history, was of itself a great distinction and indicative of noble ancestry.

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À propos  de nous

Mario Mammone is the founder, director and owner of Mammone Real Estate Agency, and a Certified Real Estate Broker with extensive experience in Canada's eastern and western markets, and International dealings in France, Italy and Japan. Mario is a real estate veteran with over 30 years' negotiating experience.

Mario Mammone, Directeur, courtier immobilier certifié ayant  plus de 30 ans d’expérience à mon actif et négociateur chevronné ayant travaillé dans l’Est et Ouest du Canada  aussi bien que sur le marché international, faisant affaire avec la France, l’Italie et le Japon, un vétéran en courtage immobilier.


Mario Mammone, Coutier Immobilier Agréé et  Encanteur (Mammone Agence Immobilière) est connu pour son innovation et continue de mener l'industrie immobilière en formulant de nouvelles techniques dans la méthode de vente aux enchères de marketing. Nos méthodes de marketing sont axées sur les ventes de ventes aux enchères en copropriété (condos de détail et en vrac), des ventes aux enchères résidentiels comprenant des maisons de luxe, des ventes aux enchères commerciaux / industriels, des ventes aux enchères de faillite, enchères en ligne, et les événements d'enchères en direct qui intègrent Internet appel d'offres en temps réel.


Real Estate Agency

I have been in the real estate industry all my life. Growing up, my father was always working on our house and on our summer camp, and he took great pride in his work. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was still a teenager so it was up to my brother and I to take care of our mother. I decided to pursue a diploma to become a building inspector and launched my career in the business from there.

It wasn’t long after that I moved across the country with my brother, developing and working on all sorts of real estate projects. It was the good days and we had a lot of success building and selling homes and working with developers.

Life eventually brought me to Asia, where I discovered a completely new world, one where business is done differently and where negotiating is an art. I learned so much from the Japanese culture and to this day, I cherish the memories I’ve created through that experience.

The real estate business is tough but I'm proud to have survived all the ups and downs of the market. Over time, I’ve bought and sold hundreds of homes, helping amazing people along the way. I’ve also worked in commercial real estate, leasing buildings and working with developers and builders. I’m even a certified auctioneer!

I’m a West Islander at heart but over time, I’ve worked everywhere: Ontario, Alberta, B.C., the U.S., Europe and even Asia! Although my brother now lives on the other side of the country, we still get to work together, honoring the family traditions.

Thanks to 30 years in the industry, marketing properties is what I do best, and I have developed an expertise in energy-efficiency and best environmental practices.

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